Baking Powder And Its Various Uses

Baking Powder And Its Uses

Baking powder is a dry chemical fermenting agent, a combination of carbonate and a weak acid. It is used to raise and ferment the texture of baked items. It releases carbon dioxide in the dough with an acid-base reaction that causes bubbles in the wet mixture to increase and thus raising the mixture. Moreover, one can replace yeast with the powder. It helps in decreasing the time and effort needed to make bread. Different types of cakes, biscuit, and also other baked items are prepared using it. There are three different types of baking powder i.e. , Double acting, tartrate, and phosphate.

Baking Powder And Its Uses
Baking Powder And Its Uses

Homemade Baking Powder

It can be made at home with some natural and also simple ingredients.


  • 1tsp baking soda
  • 2 tsp tartar cream
  • 1 tsp cornstarch.


  • Combine baking soda and tartar cream till it mixes properly. One tablespoon is ready from this ratio of ingredients.

To store it, put 1tsp cornstarch to mixture and mix properly. Cornstarch helps in absorbing moisture from the air and prevents lumps.

Note – Baking Soda and cream of tartar used in making powder should be fresh.

Benefits And Uses

Baking Powder And Its Uses
Baking Powder And Its Uses

Apart from cooking baking powder is also used in household and has a lot of health benefits.

Baking soda is alkaline while baking powder is a mixture of baking soda and a dry acid. If the Baking powder replaces baking soda, then only ¼ portions are required.

  • Treats Heartburn – Acid reflux is another name for heartburn. The burning sensation that starts from the upper part of the stomach and goes up to the throat. It helps in throwing acid reflux out of the stomach.
  • MouthwashIt is an excellent mouthwash. It is suitable for oral hygiene.
  • Soothe canker sores– It helps in calming down pain caused by canker sores.
  • Whitening teeth– for whitening the teeth baking powder is used. It is usually found in toothpaste also. Toothpaste with it helps in whitening g teeth and removing plaque.
  • Relives itchy skin and sunburn– Taking a bath with it helps in calming down itchy skin and also itching caused by sunburn.

Some More Benefits And Uses

  • Neutralize fridge odor– Sometimes food kept for long gets spoilt in the fridge. Moreover, foul odor sticks to the refrigerator for a long time after cleaning it as well. It helps in keeping away foul smell.
  • Kitchen cleaner– It is a great kitchen cleaner. It helps in removing hard stains and also bad odor. Oven, stained marbles, and even kitchen tiles can be cleaned with it.
  • Shoe Deodorizer- It is great for stinky shoes. Keeping two spoons of it in a small pouch and putting it in shoes can help in getting away the bad smell from shoes.


Baking powder has multipurpose use. The ingredients used to make the powder has a lot of uses. It helps in solving a lot of health issues like heartburn and also soothe canker. In cooking, it is used in making loaves of bread, cakes, and also biscuits.

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