A Day In The Life Of A Baker

The Sweet Life Of A Baker

A baker is a person who bakes and sells bakery products and bread. Bakery products include cakes, pastries, cookies, bread loaves, buns, doughnuts, etc. they are made with flour, fats, and other shortenings using the oven. Baker is responsible for the quality of the bakery and its presentation. The job of a baker is very creative and demanding at the same time. Moreover, as presentation is a crucial factor in the baking business, it needs a lot of patience and focus. They keep on trying new recipes and innovative methods of baking and presentation to present more unique items every time.

The Sweet Life Of A Baker
The Sweet Life Of A Baker

The Chronicle Of A Baker

Although the practice of baking is ancient. People introduced bakery as a business in the later 16th century. In that period, bread was produced on a huge scale. Ancient Roman bakers used to make pastries using honey and oil as ingredients along with flour and other fats. Bread became a staple food in the medieval period, in Europe. Therefore a new set of rules and regulations like, examination and certification of quality control, weight measures, and price controls were brought in practice. The Columbian exchange in 1942, led to increased accessibility of sugar furthermore leading to the processing of new bakery items like puff pastries and Danish dough, etc.

What Does A Baker Do?

Bakers generally do the following things

  1. He inspects the quality of ingredients used in baking.
  2. Compute and evaluate flour and other stuff.
  3. Take care of the baking tools.
  4. Performs the tasks of baking, such as mixing ingredients, kneading, rolling, cutting, and shaping.
  5. Carefully bakes and observes the quality of the finished products
  6. Gives finishing to the baked items like glazing, icing, and dressing.

Risk Factors While Baking

Although the work is usually careful bakers sometimes, have to face several risks while working. They may strain their back while moving flour bags and doing shifting activities of running baked items to cooling racks. They also have the chance of burns, cuts, and scrapes. To avoid these risks, bakers recommend wearing gloves, aprons, and back supports. People find One other widespread problem is baker’s asthma, which is caused by flour allergens and microbial enzymes.

Different Types Of Bakers

The bakers are generally divided into three categories

  1. Bread baker – Their job is to check on the ingredients, its quality, and measurement. A bread baker minutely supervises each stage of bread making from kneading dough to rising of bread. The final product should pass each stage successfully that baking, packing, transporting, and selling.
  2. Pastry chef – they generally work in hotels, restaurants, or they have their own business. Their work is somewhat more creative than other bakers. Their talent may come naturally or learned in a culinary institution. All they do is, bake, decorate, and present a wide range of cake, pastry, and desserts.
  3. Bakery chef – a bakery chef, is responsible for the supervision and coordination of other bakers in the kitchen. Anything that comes out good or bad, the bakery chef has the right to take credit or complains. They maintain the accounts, hire new bakers, track supplies, and allot responsibilities.
The Sweet Life Of A Baker
The Sweet Life Of A Baker


Different jobs of bakers require different skills for creating a masterpiece in their respective fields of baking. Bakers make sure they can bring joy in one’s life when their bakery reaches out to consumers. There are a lot of famous bakers all around the world who work hard and strive excellence making our day bright and delightful.

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