Baking Cake In Convection Oven – Thing You Should Know About Before Baking

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Do you want to bake a cake in a convection oven? Then you need to know about some of the basic things about it before implementing it as it is a different setting from your oven. Convection is just a setting on your oven, usually controlled by a switch or a button near the other controls. When you turn it on, it is ready to bake with convection heat, and it’s just a regular oven and bakes as usual when it’s off. Let’s try to know how to use it for baking a cake. The convection heat is different from a regular oven; it cooks food quickly and makes recipes in a large amount. It is not perfect for cooking your regular food. So the important thing is to have experience of using it, if you did not use it before, the result could be terrible. But don’t ever worry, as we are always here to guide you. Read on this article to explore some of the basic things you need to know before baking cake in convection oven.

Adjust Your Convection Oven For Cake Baking

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You can use a convection oven even now to bake your cake, but you need to know the steps for proper baking. You have to make some changes to the convection oven for a good result. Start the oven by preheating the recipe and then reduce the temperature to 25°f. Leave a space between the pans if they are placed near each other; a convection oven cooks the food faster than a regular oven, so your cake bakes fast.

Particular Concern For A Cheesecakes- Baking Cake In Convection Oven

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This cake is different from fluffy chocolate cake; cheesecakes cook differently and require various adjustments; it takes some other improvement when it cooks in a convection oven. The temperature for cheesecakes needs 350°f to 225°f, and you have to check your cake before the time because cheesecake cooks faster than another one.

Use Low-Sided Baking Sheets

The convection oven also works best when using rimless baking sheets or low-sided roasting pans, largely cakes. It enables air circulation on every side of the food and helps to make the food crispy.

Things To Remember While Using The Convection Oven

When you open the convection oven, pull your body backward because hot air comes out, which may harm your skin while opening the door. Don’t come towards the oven before 2-3 minutes until the steam is gone out. Be cautious of overcrowding near the convection oven and preventing the flow of air.

Final Thought

Furthermore, it would be helpful to keep in mind that a convection oven cooks food very fast. And mainly, it is used to roast meat and veggies to make them brown and crispy. When you bake a cake in a convection oven, you can check your cake at halftime because this oven cooks very quickly. Hopefully, you will understand it clearly and be glad to have this knowledge before baking cake in convection oven.

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