Baking Without Sugar – Is it Possible

low sugar baking recipes

Looking for low sugar baking recipes? In this article, I’m going to share with you a little trick that will help you get started. When looking for a new recipe online, look at the bottom of the page or to the right of the page. Oftentimes there will be a suggestion of how many calories the recipe has. Use that number in your calculations to come up with the total calories you’re about to eat.

Here’s an example of one of my favorite low sugar baking recipes: Blueberry Pie. First, substitute blueberries for the walnuts in your pie recipe. Using applesauce as a binder will give you extra flavor, and will keep the volume of the pie down. Here’s what you do: Start with about two cups of unsweetened blueberries, about a half cup of walnuts, and about three cups of apple juice.

An Overview

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In order to make your low sugar baking recipes healthier, simply bake your fruit on a hot griddle, instead of the oven. If you use applesauce as a binder, you can bake your apple pie in the oven. Using bananas, you can bake your healthy banana bread recipe in the oven. This will add more banana flavor to the mix. Here’s what you do: Start with about two cups of bananas, about three cups of applesauce, and about three cups of water.

Then, just add the dry ingredients to your wet mixture and mix them together. Add the water and stir until completely blended. It’ll be very thick so it’ll likely cook quickly. When done, you can take it out of the oven and cut into pieces with a large knife or cookie cutter.

Baking Without Sugar

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If you have trouble finding dessert recipes with a low sugar recipe, try substituting brown rice cakes for your brown rice cakes. Brown rice cakes taste just like the regular brown rice cake, only it has less than one-half of a teaspoon of baking soda in it, so it only contains about four calories. If you use baking soda as a replacement, it will probably take about nine hours to make.

For more ideas on how to reduce sugar in your sugar free baking recipes, look at the Internet. There are so many different resources for low sugar recipes that you won’t be able to stop at just one. Instead, explore them all. Many online recipes come with their own ingredients lists, so you know exactly what you’re getting into before you get started. Also, because you can’t see the ingredients before you cook it, you’ll know that the quantity of each ingredient is correct.

Another great thing about these recipes is that you can find them with no hydrogenated oils, such as palm oil or coconut oil, which are commonly used in regular baking. All you have to do is replace the butter or shortening with a healthier alternative like olive oil or corn oil, and you’ll see results almost immediately. These two ingredients are actually healthier than regular vegetable shortening, which was a common additive to a lot of pastries and baked goods years ago. Also, using real flour instead of all-purpose flour can help cut down on the amount of sugar in your desserts. Whole wheat flour, barley flour, and steel cut oats are all healthier options than regular flour, although you’ll need to experiment with each different brand. The goal is to eliminate as much sugar as possible.

Bottom Line

You’ll find other ways to cut calories out of your diet once you learn how to bake without sugar. There are many recipes that don’t list the glycemic index, so you may not know right away how a certain sweet item is going to affect your blood sugar. A good glycemic index chart will list the effect on blood sugar and weight as well as the glycemic index. This way, you can avoid serving yourself food that’s going to increase your waistline!

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