Caren White Baking Bread Craze In Pandemic

caren white baking bread

In the pandemic, a lot of people immersed their free time in baking cookies, cakes, bread, and many more. However, some people were upset with this baking trend and Caren White is one major name on this list. Caren White is a woman who went a step ahead and wrote an article called ‘Why you need to stop baking bread‘ out of frustration.

Who Is Caren White?

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Caren White lives in New Jersey and most of the information on her background is unknown. She is a writer that shares her opinion on Medium. In May 2020, she posted her article in which she describes bread baking in lockdown as wastage. Her impression of bread baking in the pandemic caught the attention of many. Some called her selfish and even justified her as a typical ‘Karen’. Caren got a lot of criticism from readers especially on the Twitter community so she ended up deleting her post. 

What Caren White Has To Say About The Baking Trend?

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In her write up she asked people to stop baking bread just for the sake of Instagram pictures as it’s creating a shortage of ingredients like yeast in grocery stores. She illustrates her visit to the grocery store when things were out of stock and she was unable to get the appropriate ingredients for her baking. She agreed that people do have a lot of time to spare but she does not support this bread-making trend. Caren used to bake bread from scratch before the pandemic so she believes she should not get any inconvenience while baking her bread. In other words, she was claiming only she should get to bake in the lockdown. 

Why Were People Baking In The Pandemic?

Whether it’s baking cake, biscuits, or banana bread it’s always fun. Baking is a simple yet soothing activity so many people found it fascinating. In 2020, people were kind of back to basics where people began baking from scratch since they had a lot of leisure time. Celebrities and influencers baking in their kitchen were one of the main reasons for the popularity of baking. Some were inspired by these famous personalities while some just wanted to have healthy homemade snacks so everybody has their motives for baking.  


Last year people tried multiple things and one of them was baking. Almost a sort of baking trend came up where everybody was baking either cookies or bread. But there were some like Caren White who did not like people baking their bread at home. She asked people to stop wasting ingredients on bread in her article posted on Medium for some time. Her unique opinion made her post go viral and she received a lot of haterade or backlash from the online community. So, she took her article called ‘Why you need to stop baking bread’ down. 

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