Cookie Baking Recipes For Christmas Holidays!

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Cookies are the best part of a Christmas celebration, right? Whether you are baking treats for Santa, your family or just to enjoy with a hot cup of hot chocolate, there’s always a reason for you to bake a huge batch of these lovely sweet treats. Cookies are easy to make and do not require too many fancy ingredients but you can do with some cookie making tips. Do you have any ideas about the cookie baking recipes for this Christmas? If you do not know what cookie baking recipes you are going to use, fret not! We have the perfect list of recipes that will take your breath away with the look and the taste.

Perfect Sugar Cookies

Christmas Cookie Baking Recipes
Christmas Cookie Baking Recipes

Sure, everyone loves those chocolate chip cookies but some of us have an unhealthy obsession with sugary cookies that melt in the mouth. You can frost them, sprinkle them or eat them straight out of the oven, there is no way you will dislike any of them. Normally, sugar cookies can be of any shape but its Christmas and shapes matter! So, you can bake your cookies in the shape of a tree, socks, or any other special Christmas things that you can think of.

Gingerbread Cookies

Tasty Cookie Baking Recipes
Tasty Cookie Baking Recipes

Whether or not you are a fan of gingerbread cookies, it is a tradition that you have to bake these cookies every Christmas. This is not just because people love them, it is also because they look so cute. For the perfect fluffy cookies, use softened butter rather than melted butter in the recipe. There ain’t no Christmas without any gingerbread cookies!

Christmas Pinwheel Cookies

Your holiday cookie making game is going to be strong with these different kinds of cookies. All you need to do is add some red food color to the classic cookie dough and roll it into a pinwheel shape. You can place them in the oven and your pinwheel cookies are ready. Add some pretty sprinkles to make these cookies look pretty and more holiday-like. Everyone will be amazed at your baking skills with these cookies.

Peanut Butter Blossoms

A crowd favorite every time, these cookies use peanut butter for the nutty taste. These cookies are not very healthy as you might think because of the peanut butter. This a Christmas treat which has to be overly sweet and totally high on calories. Add some chocolate mousse over the cookie to add flavor to the cookie and you can even add some sprinkles if you want.

Santa’s Trash Cookies

Santa is naughty and his trash is dumped on to these cookies to make them taste like literal heaven. You add pretzels, potatoes, sprinkles, and chocolate chips to these cookies to add taste and calories. You will have to make multiple batches to please everyone around you.


These are the best cookie baking recipes for Christmas that are easy yet very Christmassy. You can bake multiple batches of these cookies to give your guests a taste and to get praised for your excellent baking skills.

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