Cookie Making Tips

Cookies Making Tips You Need To Know

Cookie are simply the best! Baking them is one of life’s sweet pleasures. So why don’t more people bake them?

Maybe you don’t think you have the time. Perhaps you have tried before with less-than-stellar results. Moreover, you think it’s a hassle, or perhaps you do not know how to.

Simple Tips For Great Cookies

Simple Tips For Great Cookies

You can get delicious results quickly when you follow these tips for baking cookies.

Tip #1: Read The Cookies Recipe

Before you get started, read the cookie recipe from start to finish to find out how much time you need and steps you need to take while you bake. You may need to set out butter to soften or bring eggs to room temperature before you begin mixing.

The recipe also tells you what items you need – both ingredients and equipment. No one wants to make an emergency run to the grocery store in the middle of making cookies. And you need to retrieve the 13 x 9 pan you lent to Aunt Myrtle before you get started.

Tip #2: Measure Accurately

Mis-measurement is the easiest-to-fix mistake when baking. Measuring cups for liquid are perfect. They will give you the ideal measure of oil, milk, and water. If you want to get an exact amount, just set the measuring cup on a flat surface and check the level. Use dry measuring cups and measuring spoons for dry ingredients (such as flour, sugar, oatmeal, salt, baking powder, and baking soda), always leveling off ingredients with a straight-edge utensil before adding them to the dough.

Tip #3: Handle Dough Well

Add ingredients in the order specified by the recipe… and as you do, avoid the number one no-no in making cookie dough: overbeating. Over beating cookie dough, whether when creaming together butter and sugar (which adds air pockets) or when adding flour (which activates the gluten, also building air and volume), can cause the cookie to fall and flatten – or be too harsh.

Tip #4: Monitor The Oven

Preheat the oven as you prepare it for the baking. Setting cookie dough in a cold oven alters the baking time and outcome. Use an oven thermometer to check your oven’s temperature before baking.

But don’t pop the batch in the oven and forget them. Most cookie recipes designate a baking time window (“Bake for 10-12 minutes”). Watch your cookie as they recommended amount of time, so they are not over baked.

Tip #5: Store Wisely

Simple Tips For Great Cookies

Keep homemade cookie fresh by allowing them to cool completely after baking. Otherwise, condensation from cooling will collect, and the cookie will become soggy.

Follow the recipe’s directions as to whether to store cookies at room temperature or in the refrigerator. An airtight container is always the best choice. However, don’t combine different kinds of cookies in one bowl. Flavors will bleed from one type of cookie to another. Different types of cookies stored together change their texture, too. Moisture from chewier cookies transfers to crisper cookies – and vice versa.

Baking cookies is easy and fun. Plus, you can share the results – cookies – with family, friends, and colleagues. However, you will have to keep yourself in check! Else, you will end up eating the entire stock!

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