DIY Flowers: How To Make Satin Ribbon Rose?

DIY Flowers: How To Make Satin Ribbon Rose?

Do you know how to make DIY flowers? Ribbon flowers are stunning and can serve as a decorative accessory for a lot of things ranging from outfits to craft items. You can find these flowers readymade for use, but they are not trying to make either. If you have the ribbons, you can easily make these flowers in bulk and use it according to your need. There are different ways to make satin ribbon roses, and we have shared three easy and accessible methods. The key is to fold and twist the satin ribbon such that it takes the shape of rose petals.

DIY Flowers: How To Make Satin Ribbon Rose?
DIY Flowers: How To Make Satin Ribbon Rose?

3 Best Ways To Make Satin Ribbon Rose

There are different ways to make the satin ribbon rose, and if you are looking for ways to make them in bulk, you can use any of the following methods.

DIY Flowers – Pieces And Stitches

This is a great way to make satin roses that are durable and will not fall apart easily. If you have basic knowledge of sewing, this method will be secure for you. Cut a satin ribbon in ten pieces, which are 8 cm in length. Fold the edges of the fabric inwards on both sides and then sew it. This will form a triangle. Do the same with the other pieces. Once you have made the petals of the rose, arrange the like a rose and sew them all together at the base.

Satin Weave

This is a no-sew but equally durable method if you make the weaves properly. Take a long ribbon and fold it from the center. After wrapping, and start weaving it by putting one strand over the other piece and keep repeating this till the end of the ribbon. Pull the weaves upwards and gather them together such that the flower takes shape in the process. Tie a thread at the base of the gathering to keep it in place. Also, burn the edges of the ribbon so that the loose threads get removed.

DIY Flowers: How To Make Satin Ribbon Rose?
DIY Flowers: How To Make Satin Ribbon Rose?

DIY Flowers – The Rolling Method

The third method of making a ribbon rose is also easy and similar to the second method. First, create a triangle by folding the fabric from the center and sew the triangle. Keep making the triangles and then roll it and make the switch such that the flower petals get formed. Stitch the base so that the folds do not open. The rolling method is comparatively tricky if you are trying to roll and stitch at the same time.

Satin ribbon is best for packing gifts. If you are involved in art and craft, this is a perfect choice as well for creativity. You can check out the elegant satin ribbon below:

Satin Ribbon Handmade 25 yards

Ribbon roses are beautiful and can be a cute embellishment for crafts and outfits. Use these flowers in different ways. When you know the method of making the rose, you can always make them whenever you need to use it.

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