Easy Cake Baking Recipes For Beginners!

Easy Cake Baking

Who doesn’t want a dose of sweetness after a long hard day of work? While the calories stop us from indulging in sweet treats too often, once in a while you can cheat. Instead of buying a cake from home, you can bake a healthier version of the cake at home with tips for cake baking like a pro. But, baking might seem very intimidating, you can use some easy recipes that will not take too much time. With these easy cake baking recipes, nothing will go wrong with your cake. These easy cake baking ideas will motivate you to bake more often and treat yourself with some delicious goodness.

Chocolate Cake

Tasty And Easy Cake Baking
Tasty And Easy Cake Baking

This cake is the perfect chocolate cake for any occasion and celebration. It is not very sweet but very moist which makes it hard to resist. You cannot mess up this cake due to the easy recipe that will make the beginners very happy. If you own a whisk and two bowls you can bake this cake without any mess-ups. Also, the resultant cake will have a shelf life that will leave you amazed. It is a recipe that will mark your journey into some serious cake baking.

Raspberry-Ricotta Cake

Delicious And Easy Cake Baking
Delicious And Easy Cake Baking

This one is perfect if you love cheesecake and you want to bake something close to it. The recipe uses some raspberry goodness that will add the flavor to the cake that you will like. If you do not have any raspberries then you can also use blackberries in their place. It is one of the best cakes that you can bake as a beginner and everyone who tastes this cake will love it.

Sunshine Cake

Even though it is very simple, the buttery almond cake will take your breath away. This tastes like sunshine that will make your taste buds sing with happiness. You can bake it in a pie dish so that you can serve it right out of it instead of the baking pan. Serve it as a mid-evening snack with a steaming cup of coffee or tea to add some calories to your tea time.

Whipped Cream Cake

This is the creamy cake that you need for some addition to your calorie intake for the day. Although this cake does not contain butter, the heavy cream provides enough butterfat and adds moisture to the cake. It is a great option for parties because it has all the features of a birthday cake. You can make it in any flavor that you want and add some whipped cream on it. This is a great slice of cake that will leave people wanting more of it. You might want to make multiple cakes so that people can eat to their fill.


These are some easy cake baking ideas that you will love and are great for the beginners. All these will pass any taste and look test that you will put them through with flying colors. You can experiment with some different ingredients and see what the end result is so that you can know what to avoid.

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