Gluten And Dairy Free Baking Tips For Better Health

gluten and dairy free baking

Consider the most delicious cake you’ve ever eaten. It was most likely moist and supple, with a silky, almost velvety texture. Cakes should have a delicate crumb, which implies extremely tiny air holes. Also, rather than being dry, the cake should be moist. Ingredients that attract moisture into the structure and retain it there are good.

Well, you can get the same texture without adding any gluten or dairy product to your cake batter. Here are some gluten and dairy-free baking tips below- 

Keep the protein content low

Baking Tips

Try to add those ingredients that contain low protein. A 50-50 mixture of flours and starches provides the cake with adequate structure while maintaining a delicate texture. If you are adding protein-containing ingredients more than it, probably you won’t get that texture.

Add some finely chopped solids

Baking Tips

While preparing the cake batter, never forget to add some finely chopped solids such as choco chips, chopped cashew nuts, cocoa powder, or powdered chocolate. These ingredients will not only give a better texture to your cake but also make it more delicious and fulfilling.

Replace part of the liquid with fruit purées

Cakes stay moist and soft when made with applesauce, pear purées, or any other puréed fruit. Thus, you have not only found a vegan alternative but also got natural flavors. Well, for gluten and dairy-free baking, you can add coconut milk also. Moreover, don’t forget to add coffee to chocolate cakes as it imparts an intense note to the chocolaty flavor. 

Never use soy milk for preparing the batter

If you are serious about gluten and dairy-free baking, never use soy milk for preparing the cake batter. The reason is that soy contains a high amount of protein so chances are high that you may get ample gluten, whereas already you have said goodbye to dairy products. So, either add water, coconut milk, or use some fruit paste plus water for making the cake batter. 

Always use genuine extracts

In comparison to artificial extracts, genuine vanilla or real almond extract offers a greater taste. You can also add a little extra than the recipe specifies. Any cake recipe that calls for vanilla extract should be doubled for maximum flavor. It is true about not only vanilla extract but also all the extracts and essences used in baking.


Gluten and dairy-free baking is not a difficult task at all. All you need is to know about the nutrition values of various ingredients used in baking. Classic cake spices include cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves. Just a smidgeon adds flavor and intrigue to almost any cake recipe. However, it is up to your choice because some people don’t like adding cloves. If you don’t like cloves, skip them but once try adding cinnamon and nutmeg powder to your cake.

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