How to Bake Bread in Oven – A Step by Step Guide

baking bread in oven

Bread baking is perhaps one of the best things that you can do with your home kitchen. There are different types of breads that you can make in an oven; from whole wheat to rye bread, and also from Italian bread to croissants. However, for people who are not used to baking bread in their own ovens, they would find it very intimidating. Not only does it require a lot of skills but it is also a rather messy process. However, if you know how to bake bread in your oven properly, then it will not only be a fun activity, but it will also be a healthy one for you as well.

An Overview

A large pot

The first thing that you have to consider in buying yourself an oven is the size of the oven and the kind of bread you will be baking. If you have a big oven that can accommodate a bigger range of breads than those two small ones, then it is advisable that you choose that. Remember, however, that there are differences in bread maker power output. If you have a smaller oven, then you have to choose accordingly depending on how many kinds of bread you will be baking.

Next, you need to decide whether you will need a stand mixer or a regular mixer. You have to consider what kind of feel you want your breads to have. Do you want it to be very soft and moist when you are baking it, or would you prefer it to be dry? The difference between the two types of tools is in the ingredients that you will use and the temperature that the bread pans will reach. When you are choosing your dough, you have to make sure that it will rise easily and that you are in a position to handle the dough easily.

Choose Bread Flour Well

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In choosing your bread flour, you should also consider the texture that you would like. You have to make sure that the texture is suitable for the texture of the bread batter that you will be using. If the texture is too flaky, then you might want to consider using wheat flour instead. In addition to the texture, you have to think about the color. Wheat flour is much darker than rye flour, which means that if you are not used to working with brown colored breads, then you might want to consider using rye flour.

Then, you have to decide whether you will want a kitchen towel or a plastic bag to put the kneaded dough in. A kitchen towel can prevent you from smearing the bread machine mess all over the oven floor, while a plastic bag will keep the mess contained. It is very important that you place your hand underneath the bread machine as you will be working, since that is where you will knead the dough. Too much food in the bowl may ruin the dough.

Best Baker Mode

After you have chosen your bread machine and your bread flour, you need to set the bread machine to the ‘baker’ mode. This means that all you have to do is set the timer to a couple of hours and your bread machine will start to knead your dough. The coolness of the oven should be checked before turning on the oven. It should reach a temperature within thirty to forty-five degrees Celsius.

When your bread has reached temperature, it is time to remove it from the oven. Turn your oven off and let it cool down for approximately thirty minutes. In order to avoid burning, you can cover the bread tightly after baking. It will be golden brown and you will be able to cut it perfectly with a knife.


Once the bread is cool, you can serve it with honey or jam. Make sure to serve it hot though. If you want to bake it at room temperature, you can put it in a warm preheated 350 in the oven for approximately thirty minutes. If you wish to cut it into slices, you can slice it using a sharp knife and it will be perfect! Happy baking!

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