No-Bake Chocolate Brownies Recipe

no bake chocolate brownies

No-bake chocolate brownies are no less delicious than their baked counterparts. These no-bake brownies are so easy to make and will be ready in no time! They can also be stored for up to a week, which is perfect if you’re looking for an easy dessert recipe to whip up last minute. This no-bake brownie recipe is the easiest way to satisfy your sweet tooth without turning on the oven!


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1 cup of all-purpose flour

¾ cup of unsweetened cocoa powder

1 teaspoon of baking soda

½ teaspoon of salt

1 cup of sugar

½ cup of unsalted butter, melted

2 eggs

¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract

8 oz. chocolate chips (semi-sweet or dark)


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In a medium bowl, add in the flour, cocoa powder, baking soda, and salt. In a larger bowl, mix the melted butter with the sugar until no lumps remain. Beat in the eggs and vanilla extract until well combined. Gradually stir the dry ingredients into this wet mixture until no traces of flour are seen. Stir in the chocolate chips to finish off this no-bake brownies recipe! Place in an 11×7 inch pan and refrigerate for at least two hours. Cut into bars and serve cold. Enjoy!

Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size: 1 bar

Calories: 190

Fat: 10 g

Saturated Fat: 6 g

Cholesterol: 36 mg

Sodium: 129 mg

Carbohydrates: 25 g

Fiber: 2 g

Sugar: 20 g

Protein: 3 g

Vitamin A: 6 %

Vitamin C: 0 %

Calcium: 4 %

Iron: 10 %

Health Benefits

Chocolate chip no-bake brownies are a great source of iron. Just one serving has roughly 10% of your daily intake, which is vital in maintaining energy levels and healthy blood cells. Calcium for strong bones and teeth is also present in no-bake chocolate brownies. They can be a tasty dessert recipe that even children will enjoy!

Tips and Tricks:

If you’re looking for a no-bake brownie recipe that is gluten-free, be sure to use gluten-free flour.

These no-bake brownies can also easily be made vegan by using dairy-free butter and vegan chocolate chips.

Feel free to add any other mix-ins that you like into this no-bake brownie recipe, such as nuts or marshmallows!

No matter what kind of no-bake chocolate brownies you make, they are always bound to be delicious! Whether you are looking for a simple recipe or one with more mix-ins, there is a perfect no-bake brownie recipe out there for you. So get out your mixing bowl and whisk! No-bake brownies are no-fuss, no-bake desserts that will satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

According to the no-bake chocolate brownies recipe, all-purpose flour is the main ingredient in no-bake chocolate brownies. What are some other ingredients that could be substituted for all-purpose flour?

Some alternatives to all-purpose flour for no-bake chocolate brownies include gluten-free flour, almond meal, and hazelnut meal. If you want to make vegan no-bake chocolate brownies, you can also use soy flour or oat flour. If you are looking for a no-bake chocolate brownie recipe with more of a crunch, you can try using chopped nuts in place of the flour. Experiment with different variations and find the perfect no-bake brownie recipe for you!

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