Pastry: More About This Delightful Treat

Pastry – A Delightful Treat

Pastries may be salty or sweetened. They are available in a large variety like tarts, pies, and croissants, etc. Pastries are famous across the globe and eaten on an enormous scale as desserts, snacks, and refreshments. Pastry bakers use their creative skills to make pastries as delicious as possible. They work hard on baking, flavoring, garnishing, and seasoning, which needs patience and focus. Moreover, presentation is an essential aspect of baking industries.

History And Origin Of Pastries

Pastry – A Delightful Treat
Pastry – A Delightful Treat

The use of pastries as a food item has been in practice since the ancient period. The Romans, Greeks, and Phoenicians all used filo style (a type of pastry) in their eating habits. There was a struggle between the Greeks and the Romans as both used oil in cooking, which resulted in softening of pastries. During the 16th century, the pastry’s recipes started evolving and adopting new techniques. People introduced the use of chocolates in pastries in the 16th century only.

Many parts of Asia have sound traditions in pastry-making business. China, Korea, and Japan have their kind of pastries. However, they all use rice, flour, and fruits as their primary ingredients. Moreover, pastries of Asia are generally different from western parts of the world.

The Preparation Method

Pastries are made with wheat flour and fats. When we knead the dough, gluten components generates, which further makes the bread hard and elastic. Some forms of crisp, flaky, and stiff pastries do not need toughness. Therefore, people use oil and fats in the process of baking. Bakers bake different forms of pastries depending on the ingredients used and style of preparation like shortcrust pastry, flaky pastry, puff pastry, choux pastry, and filo pastry.

Yummy Pastry Recipe

As chocolate and pastry gels so well with each other, therefore here is an excellent pastry recipe to try out

Black Forest Pastry Recipe


  • One dark chocolate sponge
  • Sugar syrup
  • 2 tbsp. sweetening
  • 1 cup fresh cherries for decoration
  • 1/2 tablespoon lemon juice
  • 250 grams dark chocolates
  • Whipped cream


First, take out the shavings from dark chocolate and refrigerate them.

Next, heat a pan on medium flame and add the pitted cherries, sugar and little of lemon juice and mix well. You should add lemon juice to avoid sugar from crystallizing. Cook the mixture for5-10 mins until the cherries become soft and pulpy. Let it cool.

Take the dark sponge cake. Remove the hard part from the top if any. Cut it into a rectangular shape and divide into two halves. Apply sugar syrup on one half of the cake. Take some whipped cream in a piping bag and apply it on the border of the cake generously. Fill the center with the cherry mixture. Place the other half of the cake on top, cover it with whipped cream. After done, cover all the sides with whipped cream. Dip the palette knife in hot water and smooth the layering. Garnish with chocolate shavings, and refrigerate for 5-10mins. Decorate your way. Slice it and serve.


Pastry – A Delightful Treat
Pastry – A Delightful Treat

Pastries are popular worldwide. It is a dessert suitable for all occasions be it birthdays, wedding party, celebrating success or say picnic relish. All the age groups, especially children, love eating pastry.

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