Silicone Pastry Mat Decorating Ideas

When you hear the word “sewer mat” you probably think of the heavy rubber mat that is used to catch spills and keep them from getting under the floor or in the cracks of the drywall. You may not realize that these mats can also be used for decorative purposes by adding a few decorative details to them. The decorative septic mat decorating ideas can be found in just about any home improvement or decorating books. Here you have Silicone Pastry Mat Decorating Ideas.

So how do you create a plain mat with decorative features and add a decorative touch to it? Well, first you have to decide what you are going to do with the pattern.

If you are going to use your mat for decorative purposes you can make the small details any shape you like, but if you want to use it for something other than that, you can make it any size that will fit your sink or countertop. For decorative purposes, you will need a large area on the silicone pastry mat for your patterns. Simply trace around the edge of the pattern with a pencil or pen, making sure to mark all the edges of the pattern as well.

Silicone Pastry Mat

Silicone Pastry Mat Decorating Ideas
Silicone Pastry Mat Decorating Ideas

Once you have marked all the areas, it is time to start cutting the fabric out. This step will help you determine what you want to do with the pattern when you are done. If you decide to continue with your decorative purpose you can take the measurements of the pattern and take several scraps and cut out each square according to the pattern. In this case, the sewing machine is the best choice.

For something more simple, such as using the silicone pastry mat for home decoration you can use the scraps you took and stick them together for a sort of pen/doll set, by applying glue to each piece and then adding detail to the edges and corners. Once all of the pieces are completed and you have a clear pattern on each side, simply sew all of the pieces together. Remember to add seam allowance before you begin sewing, or you may find that the edges of the pattern are too frayed to sew.

Next, attach the decorative area to the bottom of the silicone pastry mat. This may mean you will have to add a few extra inches onto the bottom of the mat. Take a measuring tape and measure the area where you want to put the decorative mat. Add about one inch on either side to the thickness of the mat. So you will have a solid wall to fill your decorative area with.

Decorating Ideas

As you sew the pattern into place, make sure that you tack the corners down as well as the edges of the pattern to the mat. You should be able to add a small ribbon, wire, fabric. Or any other embellishment to your pattern without the fabric coming undone. This will help to make the decorative section completely covered.

If you are using a hot glue gun, you will need to put some weight on the decorative section to ensure it stays in place. You may also add a small plush pillow to add a decorative accent.

When the decorative section is fully covered, you can then add your accessories. This will include hanging baskets, decorative pieces, and anything else that you might want to hang on the wall.

How to Finish Off the Exterior

Silicone Pastry Mat Decorating Ideas
Silicone Pastry Mat Decorating Ideas

To finish off the exterior, you can attach some light pieces of iron. Such as hooks, to add some finishing touches to the exterior of the pattern. These iron pieces can be purchased at any local hardware store. Or with the help of your kids can be made themselves using a simple metal rod.

One final step is to cut a small piece of felt to cover the actual pattern. This will help it to blend with the wall and keep it from being too noticeable. You can also use this idea to add an element of interest to the decor.

With a little imagination and creativity, rubber mats can be transformed into decorative pieces. Just remember to add a little creativity when it comes to using your silicone pastry mat.

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