The Most Suitable Bread Baking Temperature For Baking The Perfectly Risen Bread

Baking is one of the stress busters that everybody has discovered lately. If you are a pretty huge fan of Netflix, you must have seen Love in You baking when she is stressed or sad. Well, baking indeed helps people in uplifting their mood. It is like therapy. However, it is not as easy as it sounds like baking something with utter perfection. You need the proper measurements and temperature required for the best outcomes. For instance, Bread Baking Temperature says a lot about the health of your bread. People usually begin baking by trying their hands on baking various kinds of loaves of bread. The first thing that is taught and most emphasized is the perfect Bread Baking Temperature. If the Bread Baking Temperature is not perfect, you might fail at baking that perfect bread you’ve been dreaming about. The art of baking requires knowledge of science because if we examine it properly, everything has a science involved in it. The taste, texture, size, color, everything depends on the Bread Baking Temperature.

Importance of Bread Baking Temperature

A close up of a pile of bread

Once the bread is all ready to bake, there are certain ways for the baker to adapt it. While the baking stage is under processing, the bakers can change the length of time of baking, the temperature of the oven, the use of steam or humidity in the oven, etc. These are the factors that impact the bread’s quality. The higher the intensity of these factors, the darker the crust will be. So, Bread Baking Temperature plays a vital role.

Most Suitable Bread Baking Temperature

If you talk about the standard Bread Baking Temperature, then it is between 220C to 230C. Whole wheat pieces of bread, as well as loaves with seeds or any other topping, become less attractive and appealing with over-colorization. So, the Bread Baking Temperature for these slices of bread is 220C. The sourdough and normal white bread is baked best at 230C.

Suitable Bread Baking Temperature For Baking Soft Rolls

The most appropriate Bread Baking Temperature for soft bread rolls is 250C for 10 to 12minutes. On the shelf close to the upper element of the oven, you must place the bread rolls. If you are unable to do this in your oven, then you can go for a broiler and broil it for 2-3 minutes. The heat will caramelize the bread, and you will have a soft crust.

Suitable Bread Baking Temperature For Baking Crusty Rolls

For crusty baking rolls, it is advised that you should preheat your oven at 220C for 20-24 minutes. With the addition of steam while loading the oven, your rolls will become more crispy.

Suitable Bread Baking Temperature For Baking Baguettes

While baking baguettes, the temperature of your oven should be 250C. It will make the butter-like texture more prominent. 

Suitable Bread Baking Temperature For Baking Brioche

Brioche is a kind of bread that contains a large number of sweeteners and fat. It is baked at 200C. It makes the bread soft and moist. At a lower temperature, the bread will be less brown after caramelization.


To recapitulate, baking is therapy, and everyone must try it. For someone to be a professional baker, it is necessary to have proper knowledge of Bread Baking Temperature.

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