Top 5 Shopping Accessories For Cookies

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These supplies make the job of baking cookies so much easier. Just remember not to leave them in extreme hot temperatures or allow them to become too cold.

If you are just beginning to bake cookies and are not quite ready for the technical side of baking, you will want to consider taking baking classes at a local community college or technical college. In the upcoming installment of our 10 favorite baking basics series, we will take a closer look at cookie dough. Many beginning bakers are surprised that the simplest ingredients, such as flour and sugar, can be turned into tantalizing cookies. After all, it is not uncommon for professional chefs to incorporate other delicious flavors to their baked goods to create masterpieces that rival the best desserts at a fancy, fine dining restaurant.

Baking Cookies

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Baking cookies is not merely a form of food preparation but also an art form. As such, it takes some serious talent to master the art of baking cookies to a perfect shape and flavor. When beginning, you may want to experiment with different kinds of cookie recipes to find which ones you like best. However, don’t be afraid to venture out on your own and try several different versions to see what works best for you. There are cookie baking tools available on the market today that make baking much easier and faster.

A kitchen scale is an essential tool when baking cookies. By using a kitchen scale, the amateur baker can accurately measure ingredients needed to bake cookies. Using a kitchen scale ensures a proper and accurate baked product that tastes fresh and is free from over baked or burnt cookies.

A Stand Mixer

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Another must have in the home kitchen is a stand mixer. A stand mixer is essential for mixing all ingredients for baking, including the cookie dough. Mixers come in many sizes and price ranges. Beginner models can be purchased for less than $30, while the top of the line stand mixers can cost several hundred dollars. Before purchasing a stand mixer, check for reviews to see which models offer the best combination of speed, quality, and price.

One of the most important, yet often overlooked baking supplies is the cookie scoop. A cookie scoop is an inexpensive utensil that helps in the removal of large pieces of cookies or cake. The cookie scoop makes scooping out cookies and cakes easy and prevents injury. In addition to the cookie scoop, many new cooks need to invest in a set of cookie cutters to begin experimenting with recipes. Cookie cutters come in many shapes and sizes to accommodate individual tastes.

Risk Of Over Baking

It’s also important to have the proper baking supplies when learning to bake cookies. Having the right measuring cups, spoons, ladles, and pans allow for easier mixing of ingredients and reduced risk of over baking.

Baking supplies such as pans and baking bags come in a variety of sizes. Some brands provide single serving pans, small round pans, and larger round pans. Baking bags are used to ensure the prevention of steam from building up inside the pans. Pans come in a variety of compositions, from aluminum to glass.


Last but not least is the most important, an oven thermometer. An oven thermometer is an indispensable piece of baking equipment. Its primary function is to ensure that your cookies bake at the correct temperature. With a reliable oven thermometer, you can accurately measure the temperature of your oven and bake delicious cookies each and every time.

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